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   A556 Improvement Options - HLPC Opinion    February 4, 2012

A556 Improvement Options

What is the opinion of High Legh Parish Council? 

It is important that High Legh has its say in the A556 consultation process (click here for details). The Parish Council of High Legh will be making detailed formal representations to the Highways Authority towards the end of the consultation period (April 2012) on each if the options presented. This representation will take into account the views of the Councillors and the residents of High Legh, having considered all the information available to us, including discussions with Cheshire East and will be published here on the news pages for you to read. The Parish Council’s initial thoughts are detailed below, and we would encourage you to let us know if you agree with them, or if you do not agree, your alternative views and reasons. Click here to read our previous correspondence with the HA

 You can let High Legh PC know your views by;-

High Legh Parish Council Opinions

  • High Legh Parish Council does not support the principle of re-routing the A556, and supports an upgrading of the current road.
  • High Legh Parish Council does not support any option of rerouting via Junction 20 please read the reasons here.
  • High Legh Parish Council does not support the Baseline design (Option 0) because of the Millington junction - This would increase Peacock lane traffic flows by c300%, and cause Broadoak lane, Moss lane, Back Lane and all adjoining lanes to become a ‘rat run’. Traffic down West lane will increase and motorway blockages would cause traffic to pour into the lanes trying to access the Millington Junction. Currently theses lanes are a favorite with dog walkers, part of the Cheshire Cycle route, and a popular equestrian route. Peacock lane, at less than 4.5m wide in some places is simply not capable of the proposed increase in traffics.
  •  High Legh Parish Council favours Option 1 with over bridge option B - This option does not cause any of the West Lane / Peacock Lane traffic flow difficulties mentioned above, that Option 0 does. Single directional flow onto the new road from the A50 to travel north, together with single directional flow off the new road at Millington  to travel south along Chester Road, uses as far as possible the existing infrastructure of the A50 and Chester Road, and due to the limited movements of the A50 and Millington junctions,  the burden of traffic flows are split, ensuring that the A50 traffic is not significantly increased. Over bridge option B restricts the flow of traffic to how it is at the moment, and uses current infrastructure - so not requiring the building of any additional side roads. 
  • High Legh Parish Council feels that whilst Option 2 and 3 resolve the issues for West Lane and Peacock Lane, the impact of the increased traffic flows on the A50 make Option 1 our preferred option. 

We appreciate that our comments above concentrate mainly on traffic flows. This is because traffic flows have the biggest impact. However please be assured that we are also considering all other factors, and our detailed response will include these.

 Please also note that just because option 0 is the Highway Authority’s baseline option – it does not mean it is the preferred option. The Highways Authority is open to peoples views on all the options, so therefore it is important that as many High Legh residents as possible contact the HA – either by letter or by filling out the on-line questionnaire.

Mrs Doreen Walker - Clerk

High Legh Parish Council

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