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   High Speed Rail Update    February 9, 2013

The Parish Council (PC) have serious concerns over the HS2 proposals that were announced on 28 January and have formed a working party to ensure the views of High Legh are fully represented throughout this process. If any parishioner would like to join the group and take an active role or has expert knowledge on this subject, please contact the Clerk on 01925 754818 or clerk@highleghparishcouncil.gov.uk.  

The group had their first meeting on 6 February and it was agreed that as soon as possible we will organise a public meeting with representatives from HS2 and Cheshire East Council (CE) to enable you to ask questions and voice your concerns. George Osborne has said he will try to attend any such public meeting if his diary allows. 

Cllr Tony Haigh, Chairman of the PC, will be meeting with other parish council chairmen and Cllr Steve Wilkinson in the next few weeks with a view to joining other HS2 lobby groups, if appropriate, and agreeing an action plan going forward. We started our lobbying on behalf of the village with a meeting with George Osborne on 1 February when we expressed our strong opposition to the proposals.

The PC is writing to Michael Jones, Leader of CE, for an explanation about the apparent fact that lobbying had been undertaken by some parties concerning the HS2 route through Cheshire ahead of the route being announced. The PC is very concerned that this has influenced the choice of route and denied us the opportunity to provide a counter argument ahead of the announcement.

Help and compensation for those adversely affected.
We would like to draw your attention to An Exceptional Hardship Scheme Consultation for Phase 2 which is now taking place and finishes on 29 April 2013.  For further details see: www.hs2.org.uk/have-your-say/consultations/phase-two/exceptional-hardship-scheme.
This is designed to assist property owners that may be affected by the proposals and who have an urgent need to sell their property.  People whose property is affected should have received a letter from the Department for Transport. Please do join in this consultation and let your views be known even if your property is not directly affected.

Please contact the Clerk if you would like the Parish Council's help.



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