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   A556, HS2, pot holes and vacancy    June 3, 2013

A556 Knutsford to Bowdon Improvement The Highways Authority has announced that they have applied to the Planning Inspectorate for an order to grant the development consent needed to build the scheme. The Planning Inspectorate accepted that the application could progress to examination in May 2013. They reviewed all the consultation responses received from the local community, land interests, road users and various other consultees and have taken these into account for the design they have applied for. Representations may be received by the Planning Inspectorate from Thursday 6th June 2013 to Thursday 4th July 2013. Any representation relating to the application must be made to the Planning Inspectorate and submitted on a registration form. When the representation period begins, you will be able to download the registration form from the Planning Inspectorate’s webpage for the A556 scheme on http://infrastructure.planningportal.gov.uk/projects/north-west/a556-knutsford-to-bowdon-scheme. Once the representation period has closed, the Planning Inspectorate will make preparations for the examination. These preparations will include the holding of a preliminary meeting, which will decide what issues the examination will focus upon and the timetable for the examination. All the documents are available to view on the above link. You will also be able to view them locally at Knutsford Library and Little Bollington School. Please contact the Clerk for further details.                                                                                                                                                                                            HS2 Update                                                                                                                                              More than 200 people attended a meeting on 20 May at The Cottons with Cllr Michael Jones, Leader of Cheshire East Council, Andrew Ross, Strategic Highways & Transportation Manager CE and Windsor Thomas, HS2 Action Alliance Group arranged by the HS2 Parish Council Action Group. Cllr Jones said that when he became leader last May he was given a fait accompli that HS2 was coming through Cheshire East. He said that they fought very hard and said our preferred route, if we were going to have it, was to have it go to Salford, but unfortunately Manchester Council made a deal where they are going to pay for the line. Residents asked that CEC oppose the plans but Cllr Jones said this would not help matters. He said he was happy to fight hard to get the best conditions he could. An alternative route using the existing train lines from Crewe was presented to Cllr Jones who promised to take it to the Department of Transport for evaluation. Cllr Jones asked people to comment on the Cheshire East website. The Action Group has committed to stopping HS2, and only if this proves impossible will they resort to achieving the best compensation deal for people affected. High Legh Parish Council’s Chairman, Cllr Tony Haigh is on the Action Group.  Please contact the Clerk with your views.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Vacancy Sadly Cllr Stuart Abbey, Chairman of the Planning Committee, has resigned as a councillor due to work and personal commitments. If you are interested in becoming a councillor, please contact the Clerk for further details.                                                                                                                   Pot Holes CE Highways are gradually going round the village roads filling in pot holes. The ones on the A50 are due to be filled next week. West Lane is to be surface dressed this year and will be patched prior to this treatment. None of the holes on either of these roads meet the intervention level of 50mm depth or more, the reason they have not been filled already.

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