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   Old Oak Tree    February 9, 2015

The trunk of an ancient oak tree, known as the 'Blasted Oak', was a well-loved and important landmark in High Legh.   It is said to have stood for 800 years.    It has been felled.

We in High Legh cannot believe that Cheshire East Council, without any consultation, carried out this wanton act of pure vandalism.   The Parish Council has been seeking advice on how best to preserve this important tree when it was noticed at the end of last year, only a couple of months ago, that the metal band supporting it had broken.  It was, even then, no danger whatsoever to the highway.   In 2008 council officials had looked at building further supports into the tree to ensure its future for further generations.

It is quite extraordinary that Cheshire East Council thought fit to fell it without consulting the Parish Council before they started work.   Is this their idea of democracy?

"It comes as a great surprise that this great landmark of our community has been removed without any consultation" stated Councillor Richard Wright, High Legh Parish Council Chairman, "This is tantamount to vandalism and the Parish Council will be seeking a full and satisfactory explanation as to why this part of High Legh history has been destroyed." 

Lord Grey, whose family have lived in High Legh for more than 800 years, comments "We always thought that one of the main requirements of the Council is to preserve & maintain the heritage, beauty and enjoyment of the Green Belt, which must surely include something as ancient as this tree.   We as a family, who used to own this tree until the Council took over the highways & verges, have always cherished this ancient tree and would have expected the Council to do the same.   We are furious that they have abused their powers in this way."

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